15+ years of experience and knowhow in digital and mobile services

Nothing less

Founded in 1998, IP DIGITAL specializes in the global telecommunication industry and the Internet sector, covering a wide range of efficient, cost-effective and qualitative services. By continually developing different sets of technologies and architectures to match the constantly evolving technological environment, we manage to provide cutting-edge solutions, that place us in a leading position.

Based on the approach above we discovered a hole in the Hotel Industry Services, where the Hotel Manager couldn't keep up with the different channels of sales created by OTAs and track the Hotel's general functionality at the same time.

That is why we created Hotelook, a modern approach to the solution of a hotel's day-to-day problems. The combination of its features, its simple interface and its ability to function with multiple on/off-line platforms, create a dynamic solution that can unlock the full possibilities of your hotel.

IP DIGITAL transforms the existing digital services to next-generation solutions, always keeping our customers up-to-date with the future entrepreneurial environment.