Hotel Digital Marketing

Hotelook gives you a whole package solution, that contains a range of services for the hospitality industry. It focuses on providing competetive advantage to the hotel that incorporates it and to unlock its true capabilities by icreasing functionality, customers and profits.


For the distant traveler, the hotel's website is its front and the main criteria for his choosing of accommodation. An attractive website that reflects the atmosphere and the experience of the services that the hotel provides, is the best ground for succesful marketing actions. Among the services that hotelook provides is the evaluation, the development, the design for mobile devices and the construction of the website from scratch. Combined with the booking engine, the website is designed with optimized aesthetics in order to convert visitors to bookings.

An attractive website is for the hotel the base of the successful marketing


Contemporary research on the traveler's tribes, shows us that the new trend is to browse the internet while planning a trip or their vacations. With proper SEO actions hotelook achieves website traffic increase and bookings.

Moreover, with the integration of Hotelook in your hotel's functionality, investing on PPC advertising couldn't be more efficient. By moving up to the ranking of search engine results and driving more direct traffic to your site, you will be able to get more conversions and handle them in the best possible way.

With the right SEO technics your visits and bookings will increase.

Social Media

The final step in the traveler's decision-making process is to check on the hotel's online/social media presence for reviews on the hotels and their services. Online complaints and reputation managemnt are of vital importance and that is why Hotelook offers an interface where you can have a full insight on what they say about you in other distribution channels.

Also with the better use of your direct bookings through the incorporation of Hotelook, you can take advantage of the Social Media Advertising platform, thus driving direct traffic to your website and turning visitors into customers.

The presence in social media and the proper management of hotel is a basic operation of the hotel digital marketing

Inbound Marketing

A very effective way for a hotel to increase its revenue is to build and retain relations with its visitors and pursue repeated bookings in the future. Through the boost of direct sales by the use of Hotelook, you get better customer insights. This provides you with a solid image of your buyer's persona, which will play a key role to an effective inbound marketing strategy. You will be able to customize your strategy in the best way possible, and use IP Digital's tools like Email, SMS or blogging to establish a connection with your existing and future customers. Hotelook was created to enhance the visitors' travel experience and boost the hotel's revenue.