Hotel channel manager

One of the most troubling problems that hotel owners face when it comes to the reservation managent, is the coordination of the various didtribution channels. Hotelook, is designed by specialists in the hospitality field. It provides the hotel manager a friendly solution to manage in a fast and easy way all the booking channels, whether it is by phone, directly through a booking engine on the hotel's website or through various online booking sites as booking, hotels etc.


The channel manager's interface is integratable with the booking engine, enabling the hotel manager to register rooms with description, offered services and prices and import them to the various distribution channels. Then, through the managemnt system of hotelook, you can coordinate rooms and reservations using a central interface for all distribution points.

Every time a booking occurs, no matter which channel it came from, all collaborating channels are automatically updated and subsequently room availability is directly decreased. Additionaly, the hotel manager is able to define and change availability and prices on related dates for every channel using a central interface.

to use

The application is programmed to notify the hotel manager every time a booking occurs. The notification concerns the rooms, the dates and the source of the booking (distribution channel) and its purpose is clearly informative with no other action demanded since the process is fully automated. On the same principal, through the management system, hotelook provides thorough analytics for every distribution channel.

The channel manager provides a fast and easy booking management for all distribution channels in from a single point. Thus, time and effort are saved to be used in quality services and marketing actions in order to increase reservations.


The management of reservations and channels from a single point minimizes human errors, which are the most often drawback in managing multiple channels and a headache for every hotel manager. The overbooking effect is diminished, while customer complaints are reduced and satisfaction is driven up. Better online reputation means more online bookings. Hotelook, through its management system, provides analytics for the operation and the ROI of every channel. Reservations, rooms, channels and revenue are presented in a way that fascilitates simple and easy insights and makes decision making more solid. By providing these data, the hotel manager is able to design a more effective reservation plan and improve the distribution strategy in the various channels.
Hotelook was created to enhance the visitors' travel experience and boost the hotel's revenue.