Hotel Booking Engine

Hotelook was designed by specialists in the hospitallity industry so that the hotel manager can directly manage and monitor the hotel. Manage reservations directly through the hotel's website, give the visitor the option to see room availability for the dates he is interested in, prices and facilities offered and make bookings in a few clicks.


Hotelook is embeded in the website's interface and through the application's back-end the hotel manager can very easily and quickly register rooms with description and photographs, meals, services and prices.

Through a booking interface adapted to the website aesthetics, the visitor can browse the rooms and choose the suitable combination of room and services for the desired dates. He/she can also see the final cost and make the booking through a flexible and fully customizable payment method. Reservation changes and management can be done easily, quickly and directly in a defined time without the intervention of the staff.


Through the interface of hotelook the hotel manager can manage reservations, check the hotel's occupancy and the rooms' availability on any date, to get information about the charges and the payment method of any customer, to issue invoices and keep track of analytics about the hotel. Moreover, the visitor can rate the hotel's services and comment on them, thus contributing to solid feedback and information for future visitors.

Hotelook is flexible in customization and contains all the features that allows hospitallity businesses that range from 5 stars to rooms to let, to fascilitate room reservation. It offers 100% transaction security through reliable state of the art protocols and its design arcitecture. It is offered in all the main languages and with the ability to be customized according to the target group.

Hotelook is designed to improve the online experience and facilitate of bookings directly from your website.


Hotelook was designed to improve the visitor's online experience and help them book a room directly through the hotel's website. The Booking Engine enables a hotel to increase reservations and profits by amplifying its direct sales channel, reducing OTA commisions and keeping the returning customers within its own channel (due to direct bookings). Additionaly, it allows the flexible distribution and management of extra services which other channels cannot provide.
Hotelook was created to enhance the visitors' travel experience and boost the hotel's revenue.