The perfect system for hotels

Hotelook contains complete package of features and services, making it a perfect solution for the hospitality industry. Its main focus is to give a competitive advantage to the hotel owners, by unlocking the true potential of a hotel and increasing functionality, customers and profits.

Hotelook is here to offer permanent solutions

Hotelook is an innovative system with true integration power, that is able to manage reservations and hotel resources. It can be used effectively for all the functions of a modern hotel unit, providing outright solutions to the contemporary demands of every hotel owner, from a family hotel resort to a hotel chain across the world.

Absolutely customizable, easy to use and friendly both to the manager and the visitor, hotelook provides services of high requirements easily, fast and reliable to every type of business, ensuring:
Fast and easy management and monitoring of reservations and hotel resources at any level.
Direct and fully controlled communication and customer service.
Sales Increase through online and offline reservations.
Clear precedence against competition.
Marketing and promotion enhancement.


Easy to use and friendly user environment both to the manager and the visitor.
Adaptability and customization to every language.
Full transaction security.
Different levels of access according to the user (Hotel owner, Manager, Receptionist, Partner).
Infinite number of reservations, transactions, photographs and every other type of information.
Easy and fast data entry of prices, charges, hospitality packages, special offers, sales, pricing according to customer, room or day.


Flexible management and full control of online & offline (by phone) reservations and avalaibility (connection of reservations to extra services, kids, pets or groups of people).
Capability for the hotel manager to handle last-minute changes in reservations.
Creation of groups of visitors with special priviledges, special services, special prices or special needs.
Capability to present and arrage the features of rooms with photos, descriptions, special characteristics, or even reservation of non available rooms.
Import of new fields for the management of additional information according to your needs.
Detailed presentation of the day-to-day schedule (meals, cleaning, events, timelines) according to your needs.


Full analytical reports on reservations, rooms availability, customers and charging.
Full log of visitors, arrivals, stays etc.
Capability to rate the hospital and its services and comment on them.
Optimising the website for search engines in order to be found easier by potential visitors.
Channel Manager fully compatible with,,,
Connection to mobile applications and internet tools such as SMS and email in order to easily coordinate marketing efforts.
Capability to create google adwords account, social media account and google analytics account.
Export of data in excel format for printing or elaboration with a third party software.

Technical Support

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